Experience of a lifetime PART 2

Thomas now stared at the picture.

What was this? Could it be? No way!

But indeed it was a picture of him with Thomasia. It was a coloured photo. It looked too real to not be true.

Thomas just could not understand what was going on. He just kept staring and staring.

All of a sudden, a sound appeared from nowhere.


Thomas was stunned. He quickly looked around, trying to find where the sound came from. It was then that he saw the mouth of Thomasia moving.

Thomas was terrified. He dropped the picture onto the floor.

Then something weird happened. A whirling vortex surrounded him. His surroundings became pitch dark. Then, all of a sudden, he saw that the room had changed. The room now looked like Thomasia’s room.

“Thomasia? Where are you?” He screamed, now utterly confused by what had just happened.

A hand touched his back. He looked and saw Thomasia standing behind him. She was in a different dress than he previously remembered. The diamond ring he wore on his hand is now on her hand.

“Thomas, is that you?” She asked.

“Yes, it is me. How did I get here and why am I here?” Thomas replied.

“I don’t know. I was wondering so myself. ”

Thomas now questioned her appearance, including her tiara and her royal heritage. Thomasia replied that she was a crown princess of a huge empire in her world, Akaria. Her father, the supreme Emperor, sent her to this cottage, which was actually owned by the royal family, to study how to live like his subjects. Thomasia said that she used to be “a spoilt brat” and regretted her actions in the royal court.

“The empire of Akaria is a great empire. My ancestors founded it and brought it up. ” Thomasia said. Thomasia then showed Thomas the map of Akaria. It turns out that the empire was more like an imperial federation, with dukes and duchesses, kings and queens, emperors and empresses, all holding different territory and different lands. The cottage was located in the western portion of a kingdom called Syrene.

Thomas now introduced himself. He told her that he came from another world, our world, except in another timeline. One where the British Empire never collapsed. One where the Americans and British were locked in a constant cold war. A world where a town called Carbin was founded in the state of Elysinum in what we call northern Scotland.

Thomas now asked Thomasia what she was planning to do. Thomasia said that she had to return to her father’s palace in a few days.

“Wait, isn’t the palace supposed to be a castle?” Thomas asked. Thomasia said that the castle had been destroyed a few months back and now replaced by a palace. She told him that it was six months ago in their time that she met him. Thomas replied that he had only been gone for a few hours from his world.

The rhapsodia Thomas previously remembered riding was no more. It was killed in a war against Akaria’s enemies, the kingdoms of Cheko and Nema. Since then the two kingdoms have been annexed into the Empire.

Another rhapsodia appeared outside the cottage, this time ridden by what Thomas perceived to be an Akarian guard. The guard dismounted and greeted Thomasia.

“Your imperial highness. His supreme imperial majesty has asked you to return to the palace. He has something important to tell you.”

“Next time, call him informally as father.” Thomasia replied.  “Can I bring along my friend Thomas like last time?”

“Sure, your imperial highness. ” The guard replied. Thomas and Thomasia boarded the rhapsodia.

“Off we go!” The guard hollered. With the tug of a whip the rhapsodia began on its journey to the palace.


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