The Story of Boric

Story of Boric (a rough draft)

This is a short story written for a Coursera module that I had done some time back.

The Story of Boric

Everyone cheered as Boric returned back to the Kestrel tribe, with the skin of a tiger upon his back and a self-crafted long sword in hand. Boric is a mighty warrior, born in the Kestrel tribe deep in the wilderness. As a child, he was recognized as abnormally strong and his parents trained him in the art of war, preparing him to be a champion for the Kestrel tribe. They appeared to be successful when he killed a tiger as a child. However, he had other ideas. He wanted to enlist in the army of Decia, following his dream to be the best General and warrior in the Decian army, with a strong wife and the best sword in all the lands. This is the story of Boric.

“Hey, scrawny little boy, you are not old enough!” the soldier bellowed, shoving Boric away.

Boric stood his ground, glaring at the soldier.

“I SAID SCRAM!!” the soldier yelled, kicking Boric.

Boric clenched his fist, his rage slowly building. Then, with one swift motion, Boric kicked the shin of the soldier. The soldier crumpled in pain, his face shocked by the strength of this boy who looked about 14 years of age. The other guards surrounded Boric, drawing their swords.

“At ease.” Someone said.

The soldiers backed away, revealing a lanky man dressed in a magnificent coat of armor.

“My name is General Oliver, a general in the Decia Army. I see that you want to join us. Come, we’ll find somewhere for you to stay.” General Oliver said, with a smile on his face.

This marked the beginning of Boric’s life in the Decian military. General Oliver was smart. He saw the potential in this boy and he was right. Boric rose through the ranks quickly, using his brute strength and a mighty blade to turn around losing battles. Just as the battle seemed lost, he would arrive and cleave soldiers left and right until it was only Decian soldiers left alive in the battlefield. In a matter of a few years, he rose to the rank of General, equal to General Oliver.

General Raven looked at General Boric’s successes in disgust.

“He is going to overshadow me soon. I cannot let that happen.” General Raven mused, his frown quickly turning into a smile as he hatched a devious plan.

Boric was a man of great strength, but his lack of mental fortitude proved to be his downfall. Raven used the opportunity presented to him at the royal banquet organized to commemorate Boric’s victories to drug Boric and the royal princess. Then, he moved both of them into the princess’ chambers, stripping them of all their clothes. Of course, everyone in the court thought that Boric was sleeping with the royal princess and so, the King was forced to send Boric to exile from Decia, much to Raven’s delight. This puts a sad, premature end to Boric’s career as a soldier.

“Care to donate some coins please?” Boric begged.

Everyone on the street ignored him, pushing past to run their daily errands. Boric sighed as he carried on walking the streets of the outskirts of Decia. Ever since the scandal, his name was soiled beyond repair.  He could not remember the way to Kestrel, and he needed supplies, hence the need to beg on the streets.

Once he had gathered enough supplies, he trekked his way back to Kestrel. It was a difficult trek, with many obstacles and challenging courses along the way. However, he managed to find his way back to his tribe. He was not expecting the sight that beheld him upon reaching Kestrel.

“WHYY!!!!” Boric screamed, a mixture of sadness and rage filling his blood as he laid his eyes upon the burning huts.

The raiding bandits laughed as they slaughtered the people of Kestrel left and right, just as Boric did with the soldiers of other nations. Most of the hunters in Kestrel were killed, with a meager few trying to survive against the overwhelming number of bandits.

Outraged, Boric lifted his mighty sword, cleaving the filthy bandits nearest to him int half. Shocked at the show of strength, the bandits formed up with military-styled precision and charged at Boric. Unfazed, Boric raised his mighty sword, again and again, wrecking havoc on the bandits. Finally, the bandits turned tails and ran. Enraged, he grabbed a bow and fired arrows at the retreating bandits, tears filling his eyes.

“My parents?” Boric enquired, afraid to know the answer.

“Dead.” The surviving hunters replied, sorrow evident on their faces.

Boric lost it. He exploded into a mixture of rage and despair, swinging his blade wildly. If only I had stayed, he thought. His dreams came crashing down when the scandal unfollowed. Now he has lost everyone close to him. He sat on the ground and cried like a child, defeated and broken.

After the incident, Boric stayed with the surviving tribe members, rebuilding the tribe they once knew. The memories of his parents teaching him the art of war flooded his mind every night, forcing him to cry himself to sleep. A few months later, an unexpected visitor arrived.

“Surprise, surprise, Boric!” General Oliver said a wide grin on his face.

“General Oliver!” Boric exclaimed, surprised by his presence.

General Oliver revealed that he knew General Raven was the only one capable of concocting such a vicious plan. He attempted to appeal to the King but was denied. After all, the penalty for sleeping with a royal princess has always been exile for eternity. With the only opposition being General Oliver, General Raven’s influence spread far and wide.

“You have to come back, Boric.” General Oliver pleaded.

“I will, General. Give me some time. I will come back stronger than before and put General Raven out of power.” Boric affirmed, his heart set on his one and only dream.

General Oliver and Boric hugged and bade goodbye to each other. Boric would be back, stronger than ever to challenge the conniving General Raven.

By Brandon


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