The Story of Boric

The chronicles of Boric Chapter 1

Deria, a country in an alternative timeline where the British and the Americans are in a perpetual cold war. The same timeline where Thomas meets Thomasia, a river in Elysinum (what we call Northern Scotland) is named after her. The country fully covers, in that timeline, much of what we call the states of Amazonas and Roraima, much of  southern Venezuela and eastern Colombia. It was founded in 1884, after the Americans and British won victorious in the War of Brazil against the Brazilians and formed a country there. Today the country is in a relentless civil war, a war fought and funded by the intelligence agencies of the Americans and the British Empire to add the country to its respective sphere of influence. The British backed Government of National Deria (GND) is locked in a guerrilla war with the Derian National Front (DNF) rebels aided by the American Intelligence Agency National (AIAN). This story is about a man named Boric Sandeva and his quest for freedom.

Boric was a ruthless fighter. He grew up in the tribe of Kestrel, a rural mountain tribe. For a long time the tribe was unknown to civilisation, hidden in the bushes of the Amazon. Boric grew up in these peaceful conditions. The tribe flourished on hunting and it was, and still is a tradition for a man to bring back the body of a tiger to be considered worthy of manhood. Boric was born in 1961, at a time where the civil war was at its peak. The DNF launched various assaults on several towns and cities throughout Deria and captured strategic points. Despite this, the Kestrel tribe was never targeted nor spotted. It lived in complete isolation from everyone and anyone, hidden from sight.

At the age of 18, it was time for Boric to venture out into the wilderness to hunt a tiger and bring it back. He was given a sword by his father, who told him that if he was ever in danger, the sword would protect him. On his birthday based upon the ancient Kestral calendar, he set off on his quest to find a tiger to bring back to his tribe.



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