The Test

This story is based on the show ‘300’, particularly the section in which a boy faces off against a tiger. Enjoy!

In the sweltering heat of the Amazon Forest, a tussle for life or death was about to being. The tiger’s luxurious fur shone in the mid-day sun as he circled his opponent. Its stomach growled impatiently, reminding the beast of his dire need for food. The boy locked eyes with the tiger, his dark skin gleaming with sweat. His muscles were taut as he gripped his make-shift wooden spear with such force that his knuckles turned white. They were in a dance of death, each analysing the moves of the other in an attempt to gain an advantage.

The next stages passed within seconds. First, the attempt at intimidation. The tiger roared, baring its razor-sharp teeth, honed by my kills in the past. The boy licked his stone-dry lips and let out a guttural cry.

Next, the assault. The tiger, as per its natural instincts, leapt around the boy to get to the soft, vulnerable cartilage at the back of the neck. However, the boy was no stranger to combat and predicted this move. He swept his spear around and landed a critical strike at the tiger’s frontal chest area, the spear impaling the tiger through its shoulders to its back. The beast howled in pain as it flailed its vicious claws haphazardly, landing three large gashes on the boy’s chest. The boy gritted his teeth as the pain seared through his whole body but maintained a solid grip on the spear. With both belligerents bleeding profusely, it was time for the final stage: the execution.

The tiger landed on its side, unable to rise due to the impaled spear and his weakened state. The boy knew the next moment was crucial and would determine if he lived or died. He withdrew his spear, and the tiger immediately got to its feet, poised for another strike. However, it would not have the chance. In a split second, the spear pierced through the throat of the tiger. The tiger’s mouth opened, and it attempted to let out one last roar, but to no avail. Blood spurted out of the defeated tiger’s mouth as the life drained out from it. The boy yanked out his spear from the dead beast and stood over the slain tiger.

The crowds clapped, screamed and whistled in joy. The bloodied boy staggered out of the arena, his worth proven to the tribe. He was not longer a boy anymore.

By Brandon


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