A Dossier: Demons

This is a list of information on a story I am planning to create based on the book The Painted Man, combined with LOTR factions

a. Terms

  • Defensive Wards: Defensive signs to ward off demons, useful when completely visible. Need not be carved; can be drawn or painted
  • Demons: Creatures that spawn in the night from the ground
  • Attack Wards: Offensive signs that can kill demons. Lost to even the Elves.
  • Da’in: A challenge to the Demons. If the challenge is won, demons are prevented from attacking for 1,000 years.
  • Igni, Ven, Voy: Hellfire, wind, ice/water

b. Locations

  • Ka,vi
    • Home to Orcs
    • Located within a dormant Volcano
    • Defensible location, Large Army, Mastery of Axes, Swords, Possess wolf mounts, Limited Knowledge of Wards
    • Only faction to actively hunt Demons
  • Dovan
    • Home to Dwarves
    • Nestled in the face of a cliff
    • Defensible location, Large Army, Superior Knowledge and Mastery of guns, Possess Cannons, Don’t know a single Ward
    • Prefer to bomb Demons so that they cannot recover
  •  Asgard
    • Home to Humans
    • Located in the middle of open plains
    • Limited Warding Knowledge, Moderate-sized army, Fast breeding cycle, Vulnerable Location, Possess horse mounts
    • Demons run amok
  • Acadia
    • Home to the Elves
    • Located at the base of The Great Waterfall
    • Superior Warding Knowledge, Mastery of the Bow, Low population size, small army
    • Not a single breach of Wards ever since the appearance of Demons
  • Desert Ronima
    • No faction is active here
    • Stretches for miles and miles
    • Rumored to hold legendary Attack Wards within ancient ruins

c. Factions

  • Orcs
    • Large, brutish, little intellect
    • Superior size beneficial to fighting physically
  • Elves
    • Tall,  slim and high intellect
    • Fight with Wards
  • Humans
    • Standard built, moderate intellect
    • Fight with a combination of Wards and physical weapons
  • Dwarves
    • Short, stocky built
    • Fight with guns and cannons

d. Types of Demons

  • Wood Demons
    • Weakest of the demons
    • Cannot be burnt by ordinary fire; requires hellfire to burn(i.e., magical fire)
    • Size is similar to that of a standard orc
    • Attacks with wooden hands and legs
  • Rock Demons
    • 2nd weakest
    • Size is five times that of an orc
    • Huge size, very slow moving
    • Attacks with stone hands and legs
  • Water Demons
    • Mid-tier demon
    • Only in Water
    • Swims fast and attacks with torrents of water
  • Fire Demons
    • Mid-tier demon
    • Only in lava/fire
    • Attacks with spurts of lava
  • Air Demons
    • Shaped as a great eagle
    • 2nd most dangerous demon
    • Can appear anywhere
    • Attacks with sharp talons and can track prey over long distances
  • Sand Demons
    • The most dangerous demon
    • Accounts for all deaths in the Desert Ronima, which is the only place it can appear at
    • 4 legged, moves fast and can track prey over long distances
    • Can spew sand to blind victim and attacks with razor-sharp teeth

e. Key Persons (or animals)

  • Erica, Queen of the Elves
  • Quo,Kan, King of Orcs
  • General Oliver, Ruler of the Humans
  • Master Hik, Lead Warder
  • Maximus, Leader of the Dwarves
  • Aran (main character)
  • Pearly (Aran’s horse)

More to be added as the story develops!!!


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