Demons: Chapter 2

As the night progress, the demons materialized from the ground, surrounding Korin. The wood demons threw themselves at the defensive shield created by the Wards, looking for a weak spot. Although they seem to do it haphazardly, the wood demons are intelligent enough not to hit the same spot twice, always testing different spots in the Ward Shield.

The rock demons emerged, towering above the wood demons. It flexed its stony arms as it slammed the ceiling of the Ward Shield. Air demons soared above them, circling the small village like predators circling a prey. Aran’s Ward Shield was again entirely constructed, without any gaps for the demons to exploit. However, no one knew that Aran’s father was the one to seal the village’s fate.

Aran’s dad saw that one of the Wards was slightly marred. If it had been wholly erased, the demons would start to pour in through the gap. Alarmed, he rushed to redraw the Ward, his feet quick on the cold, hard soil. His age caused him to misstep, and he yelped as he fell, his head landing right on the Ward. The wood demons laughed with glee and rushed into the gap, immediately crushing Aran’s father apart with their wooden arms.

Within seconds, the village was in pandemonium. Villagers screamed as they were crushed by the wood demons, sometimes even eaten alive by them. Their eyes glint in a malevolent red as they decimated the villagers.

Aran awoke to the screams of his mother as she was crushed by a wood demon. Frightened, he immediately set up a Ward Shield around his room. He was drawing the last Ward when his room jerked against the force of the wood demon. Aran’s temporary Ward Shield proved useful as the demons were unable to penetrate it

Aran checked his watch. It was 12 am, with 7 hours before daylight. Demons regularly rocked the room, frustrated at the denial of their last prey. Aran’s temporary Ward Shield proved useful as the demons were unable to penetrate it. Aran closed his eyes and prayed for God to save him. It was going to be a long night.


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