Demons: Chapter 4

“I want to join the Army.” These were the first words Aran said when he awoke.

Guffaws and howls of laughter exploded from the soldiers as they considered his wild proposal. His arms and legs were tiny, almost devoid of muscles, as expected from a 6-year-old. He could barely carry a sword or mount a horse, let alone wear breastplate armor. However, just to humor the kid, they asked,

“What do you want to be if you do join the Army?”

“A Warder,” Aran exclaimed, proud of his talents.

Another round of laughter spilled from the soldiers as they imagined this small little boy in standard Warder battle cloak. Aran thought they were laughing at the Art of Warding and grew angry. He opened up the orange juice he was given for breakfast and used the juice to draw a protective Ward Shield around himself to show off his skill, his hands moving quickly with precision and accuracy.

Intrigued, the soldiers shouted, “Warder, come here!!”

Master Hik, the lead Warder, happened to stroll by and came running along.

“What’s up?” Master Hik chirped, hands on his hips.

“Ermm… It’s nothing much, sir… It is just that this kid drew a Ward Shield and we just wanted to check its integrity…” the soldier stammered, embarrassed that he bothered such a high-ranking Warder.

“Alright, let’s see what we have here…” Master Hik bent down and took a closer look at the Wards. Aran withdrew from Master Hik, startled. There were people other than him and his father that knew how to Ward?

“My God…” Master Hik muttered, his hands tracing the patterns. “This Ward Shield protects against all forms of demons! It is the perfect Ward Shield! There are even some Wards I do not know about! Incredible! He will enter Ward School immediately!”

The soldiers were left gaping in shock as Master Hik literally dragged Aran to General Oliver and explained the situation to General Oliver. Upon his approval, Aran was enrolled into Ward School and became its youngest prodigy.


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