Demons: Chapter 5

It has been 10 years since Korin was wiped out by wood demons. Master Hik took Aran’s Ward system and implemented it across all castle walls, lowering Asgard’s vulnerability to demon intrusion, so much so that Asgard became almost as safe as Acadia, home to the Elves and the real masters of Warding. Aran has trained hard in Warding School, learning the use of all the Wards available in the grand libraries of Asgard. Working with Master Hik, Aran has become, by far, the most skilled and knowledgeable human Warder in the world. Also, he has grown strong and muscular and has mastered the use of swords, spears, and bows, the standard weapons of choice for an Asgardian soldier. In the 10th year, General Oliver bestowed the rank of Master Warder upon Aran, as a tribute to his skill in Warding.

“No! You will not step one foot into Desert Ronima!” We have lost too many men due to those foolish attack Wards!” General Oliver roared, his voice thundering through the throne room.

Aran stood tall in defiance, “The logic is simple: Demons will not stop attacking our lands until we win a Da’in (a challenge: refer to Dossier), and without attack Wards, winning a Da’in is literally impossible. So, the order we must do things is to 1. find attack Wards, 2. gather all factions and 3. launch the Da’in.”

“No! I will not allow this!” Oliver boomed, his sense of authority capturing the whole throne room. Soldiers nervously looked around, afraid to arouse the anger of their general.

“My whole tribe was killed by demons. You do not even pretend to know the pain of my loss. I have to have my revenge. I am going, whether you like it or not.” Aran stood firm.

“Sigh. Is this how you repay me for taking you in when you were merely a child?” Oliver exclaimed in exasperation. Furrowing his brow, he continued, “Take a team of 100 Warders and 1,000 soldiers and be on your way.”

“I do not need men. I need horses, food, and water. Give me 3 months’ worth of rations, and that will do.” Aran declared, spinning around and strolling off, his battle cloak swaying from side to side. Oliver sighed, rubbing his temples. He was not going to lose another Warder to that darn Desert again.


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