Demon: Chapter 10

swordsman_by_afrocream-d7x8h4eAran set up his Ward Shield and waited, his silver sword in hand. Soon, sand demons spawned all around him. They circled the oasis, muscles twitching and aching for a fight. Today, Aran will give them one. As a sand demon leaped at the Ward Shield, Aran quickly covered a Ward with his hand, causing the beast to crash through. He immediately redrew the Ward to prevent further intrusions. The sand demon was to be his challenger.

The sand demon hesitated before getting up. No one has ever allowed a demon to pass willingly through the barrier and the demon was curious why Aran would enable it to do so. Aran’s horse brayed loudly as it stood uncomfortably in the pool. Although she was safe, she worried about her master’s safety.

The sand demon circled Aran. It was twice the size of Aran and had sharp fangs and claws. It was shaped like a tiger, robust and powerful. Its mouth opened and closed, gathering sand to blind its opponent. Aran had a difficult fight ahead of him. Although he was trained in the sword, he was not much of a combatant, and his hands quivered as he held the sword.

The demon started to spew sand from his mouth, a classic move to blind its prey. Aran, of course, expected this and shielded his eyes. The demon then leaped at Aran, its razor-sharp fangs glinting in the moonlight. Aran ducked under the demon and managed to nick the underside of the devil. The demon howled as black ichor flowed out of its underbelly. Enraged, it threw itself at Aran and managed to swipe at his thigh. Red blood poured out of Aran’s thigh. He knew he needed to end this fight quickly. The demon spewed sand again and launched itself at Aran’s throat to seal the victory. Aran was tired and hungry. He had no more strength to fight anymore. All was lost. The Attack Wards flared, and the beast howled in pain. Black ichor spewed out of the demon as the life drained out of its limp body. Aran has won the day.

Then, he remembered the weird writings under the Attack Wards without any drawings or markings. Do they mean anything? He quickly yelled a line from the writings

“Igni, igni, igni!!”

Hellfire leaped from his fingers, burning the sand demon. It howled in pain as the fire engulfed it. Using this distraction, Aran plunged his sword into the beast. The Attack Wards flared, and the creature screamed in pain. Black ichor spewed out of the demon as the life drained out of its limp body. Aran has won the day.


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