Demons: Angel Conversion Course

download (1)Aran stored the black ichor in an empty water flask and ate the demon’s flesh raw, hunger pushing him to his natural instincts. He tried to feed the horse some. She was reluctant to try the rotten meat at the start, but soon got used to it. Aran knew all about the Attack Wards and now was the time to use his knowledge. He considered all the Attack Wards and decided which were more useful on his limbs and which were more useful on his body. Then, he used the black ichor as ink and his old sword as a tattooing needle, paying particular attention to the designs of the Attack Wards on the stone slab. At first, the black ichor stung, and blood flowed freely from his tattoos. However, as he got used to it, progress quickened. Wherever he needed food or more ink, he killed a sand demon, gathering more demonic resources for his own purposes. He even tattooed his warhorse, much to her discomfort. Months went by. Soon, Aran’s and his warhorse’s whole body was covered with black ichor tattoos.

Then, he proceeded to memorize the words of power (i.e., the last lines below the Attack Wards). Basically, Igni represented hellfire, Ven represented the wind, and the air and Voy described water and ice. These 3 base spells could be manipulated in any way to create an effect. There was one final spell which Aran could not comprehend, but that did not faze him. He could learn it later. Once Aran was done with all of this, he wrote his name on the sand.


He then stamped on it, signifying Aran’s destruction. Aran was dead. He was no longer the helpless little boy whose parents were killed by wood demons. He was no longer the master Warder that quarreled with a general. He is Angel, the one that sends demons back to the Hell they came from and his horse is Pearl, the defender, and protector of Heaven from hellish forces.

It was time to unite the factions. Elves, orcs, humans and dwarves must put away their differences to win the Da’in and put the plague of demons away for at least the next thousand years. Angel mounted Pearl and rode off to Ka,vi.


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