Demons: Chapter 8

swordsman_by_afrocream-d7x8h4eThe sand demons smashed themselves against the Wards with abandon. Aran had never seen them behave so aggressively ever before. What was the oasis hiding? Aran looked at the water surface, which shimmered in the night sky. This oasis was not as innocent as it seemed. He dived into the lake, allowing the fresh water to surround him.

Curiously, there were no water demons in the pool. Whatever was in the water, it scared the demons so much that they did not dare enter. Holding his breath, Aran dived deeper into the lake. He spotted a hole in one of the sides of the lake and swam through it, stretching his lungs to their limits. He finally emerged in a cavern and Aran heaved a sigh of relief, letting in the fresh air back into his lungs.

The cavern was small and curious. A small hole led presumably to the surface, for circulation of air. Drawings littered the walls of the cavern, of soldiers fighting demons of various sizes and shapes, some never seen before by Aran. At the farthest end, there laid a silver sword, with carving on them that resembled Wards. The Attack Wards! Aran wasted no time. He rushed to the sword and gripped it. It felt light in his hands, much more so than was physically possible. Next to it was a The Wards were intricately carved, and Aran felt the power of the sword surging through him. He knew that this was a sword capable of killing demons. There was a detailed description of different Attack Wards on the walls of the cavern. However,

There was a full description of various Attack Wards on the walls of the cavern. However, they were written in an ancient language, lost to men for thousands of years. Realizing no one, demon or human, would bother him in this cavern, he started his work to translate the text on the walls. This was the defining moment that could turn the battle with the demons around. Aran was not prepared to waste it.


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