Demons: Chapter 9

swordsman_by_afrocream-d7x8h4eAran struggled with how to defend his horse from attacks by sand demons. If he only studied the text in the day, he would be wasting half the time sitting still and looking for breaches in the Ward Shield. This would be unsustainable as food was dangerously low, with only the meat from two dead horses being available for consumption.

Luckily, according to the diagrams showed in the ancient text, the pool had an unusual ability to ward off demons in the same way a Ward Shield could. Hence, he anchored his horse using his old sword as an anchor and a rope. It worked beautifully. The horse could float on the lake and not travel onto land. On the first night, he was tense and waited for the sand demons to spawn. They licked their lips viciously and threw themselves into the pool. This was followed by howls of pain as they immediately corroded into nothing. Fear struck the rest of the demons, and they left Aran and his horse alone.

The next week was a flurry of activity as Aran worked day and night on decoding the Attack Wards. He carefully carved the details of each and every Attack Ward into stone slab knocked out of the cavern wall. However, there were certain parts where only words were shown, and no drawings of the wards were provided. Nevertheless, Aran copied them down dutifully. By this time, the carcasses of the two remaining horses have been completely consumed. Aran and his warhorse would have no food for the return journey.

Then, it hit Aran. He would have to hunt for his food.


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