Demons: Convincing the Orcs

download (1)When Angel reached Ka,vi, it was complete pandemonium. The inner walls of the volcano were lined with Orcs, who desperately swung their weapons against the fire demons, only to have them simply pass through the demon. The demons chuckled as they tore the orcs apart. Orcs were the only ones still brave enough to fight the demons. They would attempt to distract the demons using their weapons while Warders quickly drew crude Wards around the demon. If successful, it would be unable to descend back to Hell and die, their body destroyed by sunlight.

Angel had read up about Orcs. They were about twice the size of a human, wielded axes and blades with great mastery, and used wolf mounts. A few of these mounted wolves could be seen trying to fend off the demons, to no avail. They were stronger than an average human and could rival a weak demon in terms of raw strength. They were initially a faction that could have dominated the globe due to their high fertility rate and raw strength. However, their aggressive policies with regard to demons thinned their numbers and they were now close to extinction.

To prove his worth, it was simple. Orcs favored honor and courage, so killing a demon should get him a meeting with the chief of the orcs. Through the consumption of the meat of countless demons, he had gained some of their strength, and a punch sent a fire demon sprawling on the ground. In a rage, the demon got up and blew fire into Angel’s face. He held up his hands and the fire turned into a breeze. The orcs stood in awe as Angel chanted,

“Voy, Voy, Voy”

Torrents of water emerged from his fingertips and doused the fire demon’s flames. It screamed in horror as it tried to relight itself but was quickly silenced by a thrust of Angel’s silver sword. Orcs cheered as the demon went down, bleeding with black ichor. The fight continued through the night, with Angel assisting the orcs wherever he could. In the morning, he was brought before Quo,kan, the King of Orcs.

Angel introduced himself quickly and explained the situation. Quo’kan pondered for a moment and replied,

“If anyone had said that we could win the Ka’in in the past, I would have slapped him in the face myself. However, after having seen what you have done so far, I believe we can do it. Give me the list of attack Wards and I will see to it that my master Warders will get them carved on each and every bow, arrow, spear, sword and ax we can find.”

Angel thanked the king profusely and left on Pearl to a thunderous applaud by the Orcs. One faction down, two more to go.


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