Demons: Convincing the Elves

download (1)After successfully convincing the Orcs, Angel desired a change of scenery and made his way to the elven city of Acadia. He followed the sound of gushing water and was easily able to locate Acadia, nestled below the Great Waterfall. There were no walls to this city, with Wards adorning the outer buildings, extending towards the underbelly of the city. This formed a sphere of defence that was rumoured to be unpenetrable in spite of it being only one layer, with the next being the Wards of the Elvish homes inside the city.

As he stepped foot into the city, he noticed hundreds of Elven bows trained on him, threatening to fire upon the slightest infraction. He could not see them but knew that elves had the ability to camouflage well in any environment. Angel knew of the deep distrust between Elves and Humans, which rivalled that between Humans and Orcs and so, immediately raised his hands as a sign of peace.

“I wish to speak to Erica,” Angel announced boldly.

This aroused a series of high-pitched laughter amongst the soldiers.

“No humans sees Erica,” one of them screamed, her bow still trained upon Angel.

“What if I say I can Ward faster than your best Warder?”

Again, another series of laughter engulfed the elvish soldiers, amazed that a human would want to challenge an elf in Warding. However, they were quickly silenced by the arrival of Erica, the Queen herself.

“I accept your challenge. I am the Queen of the Elves, Erica. I also hold the position of Master Warder. Do you think you can beat me?” Erica taunted, eager to see Angel’s response.

“Yes,” Angel said plainly, hungry for a challenge.

The rules were set. A panel of 3 judges, all the best Warders in Acadia, would determine the integrity of the Ward Shield, which was to be drawn in 30 seconds.

“On your marks, get set, GO!!”

Angel speedily scribbled the Wards, his drawings crisp and accurate. The Queen was quick too, but not as fast as Angel and had to play catch-up from the get-go. After the 30 seconds had run out, Angel’s Ward Shield was up while the Queen had only a single Ward remaining.

The 3 Warders looked at each other in dismay, struggling to find loopholes in Angel’s Wards. After a full 15 minutes of inspection, Angel grew frustrated. He swung his flask of ichor blood onto the Ward Shield. The blood exploded from the vessel, and the Warders recoiled in terror. The blood drenched the Ward Shield, exposing no weaknesses.

“Well, it seems that you have won. Come, tell me what you want.” Erica sighed, dismayed at being defeated by a mere human.

Angel drew the Attack Wards on the broken flask and explained the situation to the Queen. Erica gasped in shock upon the knowledge that the Attack Wards were rediscovered.

“For the Da’in, you will have my full support. Just say the word, and my warriors will come. My warders will analyse and implement these Wards, and we will provide ranged support through our bows and arrows, as well Warding assistance in case of emergency. Thank you for giving us this chance to rid of this menace forever,” Erica bowed in deference.

Angel nodded in respect. After saying a brief goodbye, he mounted his horse and rode away. Two factions down, one more to go.


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