Demons: Prep for Final Battle

download (1)When Angel stepped into the palace he was raised in from young, he no longer felt as invited as before. The guards muttered under their breath, remarking at his tattoos. They had reason to be suspicious. The number of humans dying due to demon attack has been on the rise, and General Oliver was desperate for a solution.

“YOU! You are back!” General Oliver screamed, leaping off his throne with open arms.

Angel hugged General Oliver like they were old friends reunited at last. Angel quickly ran through the situation with General Oliver.

“Attack Wards?? Master Hik will see that they are used on all weapons. I think it is appropriate to call everyone to the open plains to fight. That way, fewer civilians will be harmed. The small hill in the middle of the plains would be ideal to have a height advantage.” General Oliver reasoned.

“Alright. I will set up the beacon.” Angel said, turning around and striding out of the palace.

The first to come were the Orcs, clothed in simple chainmail armour and wielding their Warded weapons with glee. Quo,Kan nodded at Angel with respect, his hands gripping a Warded Warhammer. The next were the elves, with shining silver armour and Warded Steel bows and arrows. The Warders, including Erica, begun working on improving the Wards, as well as setting up a preliminary Ward Shield. Finally, the dwarves arrived, with Maximus heading the rows upon rows of cannons, as well as personal handguns and axes.

By sundown, everyone had reached the camp. Even some civilians joined in the Warband, and their numbers swelled to the hundreds of thousands. However, there was much to be done. The inexperienced must be trained in the art of combat, and the dwarven weapons have not been Warded yet.

The next months were bustling with activity. The elves worked on the dwarven weapons, carving intricate Attack Wards on them. The dwarves set up creative traps in the earth itself, digging tunnels for demons to fall into and spikes for demons to land on, with elves assisting them with Warding issues. Angel busied himself with his own war preparations, memorising the Words of Power: Igni, Ven and Voy. He also held daily training on the use of weapons, with the orc commanders as his practice buddies.

“Note that you cannot fight the demons directly. They are robust and vicious. They will win in a face to face confrontation. So, instead of fighting them head-on, use your head. Feint and dodge whenever you can and when you see an opening, go for it.” Angel instructed, demonstrating this on Quo,Kan. The civilians nodded, grabbing their Warded hoes and sickles in fear. Angel sighed. The real army was half that of the civilian mob. The crowd of civilians is needed to add numbers to prevent an immediate rout. However, they were inexperienced and would most likely perish in combat.

Half a year has passed, and they were ready.”Angel, come. We have to talk tactics.” General Oliver called.

“Angel, come. We have to talk tactics.” General Oliver called.

Angel proceeded into the commander’s tent. General Oliver was seated with the various kings and queens of the different factions.

“During a Da’in, the defensive Wards will be useless, so we need to think carefully about the placement of our troops. The orcs are the strongest and so, they will form the defensive line around the peak of the hill. Behind them will be the elves and their archers. Then, the dwarves with their artillery. They will be pounding the demons hard. Hopefully, the traps will work and some of the demons will die.” General Oliver reasoned, to the agreement of the other lords.

“Sir, what about us?” Angel inquired.

“We are an interesting bunch. Not as strong as orcs, but not as good a shot as dwarves or elves. I am advocating for a mobile cavalry unit, led by you. Of course, the civilians will be at the back of the phalanx of orcs, giving pushing power whenever needed. I will lead the civilians.” General Oliver surmised.

“Alright. my cavalry unit will provide help where the fighting is the hardest. I will send the Da’in now.” Angel agreed, bowing and exitting the tent. The battle has begun.


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