Demons: Epilogue

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After the Da’in, no more demons arose from the ground. Orcs, elves, humans and dwarves lived together in harmony, and trade flourished throughout the kingdoms. Smiles could be seen on people’s faces as they played in the streets. Nights became a period of joy and happiness rather than fear and isolation.

Angel was revered as a hero. He was immediately anointed the position of General, replacing the retiring General Oliver. He spent his days training recruits of Asgard and inspiring them with snippets of his experiences in the numerous battles he faced. He led his troops around the plains, slaying raiders and punishing thieves. Order in Asgard rose to their highest levels in centuries.

As Angel grew old, he wondered how he could continue to serve the human kingdom more. The threat of demons has disappeared for the next ten thousand years. Yet he felt a sense of emptiness. To Angel, there was always more to accomplish. Was the remaining of his life to be spent killing mere raiders and enforcing order? Suddenly, his thoughts drifted to the last spell he had yet to learn.

“Yang, yang, yang?” He chanted, curious to see the spell’s effects.

At first, nothing seemed to happen. He cursed and went to bathe. As he glanced at the mirror, he stopped, the image shocking him. He looked again. He was 10 years younger. His wrinkles were gone. He felt more alive. His hands were no longer shaking. His muscles grew in size.

“Ha, looks like I will be in service for a little while longer,” Angel chuckled, and went about his daily routine.


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