Demons: Final Battle?

download (1)The time has come. Angel issued the decree for a Da’in with the demons. The soldiers gripped their weapons tightly as night fell. All the hatred and suspicions of the different factions were cast aside for this evening. Orc, elf, human or dwarf; it did not matter. Tonight, they were fighting for their lives.

The demons did not come through the ground. Instead, the beat of demon footsteps could be heard as they marched onto the open plains. For the first time, they had a formation, with the powerful sand demons being deployed as the vanguard of the demon forces. Wood demons were next, being the weakest and serving only to tire the enemy. They are flanked by the fire and water demons, which acted as an offensive flanking force. The rock demons were further away, being used for artillery means. Finally, air demons circled the air above the Warband, savouring the battle ahead.

“Archers, target the air demons! Dwarves, open fire at the rock demons! If they land one rock on us, we are dead!” General Oliver cried.

The battle began without further ado. Led by Maximus, the dwarves loaded their cannons with brutal efficiency, unleashing their own version of hell upon the stone demons. Ichor spilt freely as the rock demons reeled in pain. The air demons swooped down, determined to silence the cannons, but was met by a volley of elvish arrows. One by one they fell out of the sky, ichor pouring out of their wounds. Eager for vengeance, the sand and wood demons advanced quickly towards the hill. Well-placed traps by the dwarves paid off as the sand demons fell into pits of Warded spikes while wood demons fell prey to mines filled with hellfire.

The Warband cheered as the demons fell even before reaching the Orc defensive line. There were smiles all around as the Warband rejoiced over the defeat of the demons. Angel remained stoic. The demons would not be defeated so easily.


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