Demons: Revenge

download (1)Just the Warband thought it was over, the march of demons could be heard in the distance. General Oliver whipped out his binoculars and took a look. What he saw frightened him to the core. Rows upon rows of demons approached the hill. They were in the same formation as before but were over a hundred times the number. What was ten rock demons in the engagement before now became a thousand. The Warband was distraught. How were they supposed to defeat so many?

“It’s an endless horde!” General Oliver cried in desperation.

Cannons roared as the dwarves continued to pound the demons. However, the demons were smarter now. Having learnt from their previous engagement, they spread out to reduce damage taken, and before long, the demons reached the Orc defensive line.

When the demons reached the defensive line, it was complete chaos. The Orc matched the sand demons and wood demons in strength, and so, both ichor and blood sprayed. Dwarves and elves howled in pain as they were crushed by rocks thrown by the stone demons, while Orcs were mauled alive by the sand demons, or bashed to death by the wood demons. The elves assisted by shooting the demons with their arrows and the dwarves fired their pistols at the demons in close combat. However, it was insufficient as the demons continued to push into the defensive line.

“Well, it is time for me to join the fight. Calvary, with me!” Angel cried, charging from his hiding spot right into the demon horde. The demons cried as the impact of the warhorses sent them flying. Angel focussed on saving Orcs from being struck down by the demons. Just as Quo’kan was being knocked down by 3 sand demons, a swift thrust of Angel’s spear impaled all three and ichor spewed all over Quo’kan. He nodded his thanks and let out a loud war cry, rallying his Orcs. The Orcs fought bravely, and the demon numbers dwindled.

With Angel’s help, the battle turned in the Warband’s favour as the demons lost morale and started to run away. Cheers erupted from the Warband. Casualties were high, but the day was won.

Just as they thought it was over, a fireball struck the centre of the Warband. Dwarves and elves cried in pain as the hellfire scorched them. The Orcs distanced themselves in fear. What was happening?

That is when Angel saw it. It looked like a human, but Angel was sure it was not one. Angel sensed a very ominous presence from this humanoid. He was sure that this would be the hardest battle of his life.


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