Demons: The Duel

download (1)“I am Garm, the demon champion. Choose your hero and face me in one on one combat. Do it now, or the Da’in is forfeit!” the humanoid cried.

“General Oliver, disperse the Warband. I will take care of this demon.” Angel said, mounting Pearly and riding toward Garm. General Oliver complied, and the Warband disbanded, leaving behind Erica, Quo,kan, Maximus and General Oliver.

The leaders of the 4 factions stood to watch as Angel dismounted Pearly and squared off against Garm. Garm was very muscular, his frame barely fitting into his armour. He had empty sockets for eyes, leaving a hollow and empty feeling in his foes. He wore an intricately designed chest plate, with metal greaves and helmet. They were stained black, with Wards carefully carved into the armour pieces.

“Don’t think that demons can’t use Wards,” Garm smirked, registering Angel’s shock at a demon using his own weapons against him.

“Now, let’s see if you have been practising. Igni, igni, igni!” Garm screamed, hellfire flying towards Angel.

“Ven, voy, voy!” Angel countered, a gust of ice quenching the hellfire. Taking the initiative, Angel charged at Garm with his trusty sword.

“Ha, think you can beat me in close combat! Come!” Garm cried, drawing his sword. It was a horrific blade, cruelly crafted. It had spikes covering the non-cutting edge so when it impaled a victim, death was assured due to the pain of the spikes grinding flesh if it is pulled out. They clashed with violent force, trading blow for blow.  Garm was a very powerful demon, many times the strength of a human, but Angel had killed thousands of demons and eaten hundreds and has thus gained superhuman power. Every assault by Angel was parried by Garm and vice versa. This would be a fight for survival, with only one of them walking away.

As the fight progressed, Garm let down his guard, his ego getting the better of him. Angel found a weak spot and thrust his blade into Garm’s armour. It bounced off harmlessly, wards flaring.

“Ha, didn’t expect that did you!” Garm laughed, thrusting his blade into Angel’s flank. It made contact, scrapping Angel’s side. Blood gushed out as Angel staggered, letting out a curse.

“Time to end this!” Garm screamed, his blade swung up high. Garm’s armour was impenetrable, even with Attack Wards. All was lost. Suddenly, an idea occurred to Angel. “Igni, igni, igni.” He whispered, his hands heating up instantly.

He hugged Garm, forcing all the heat from the hellfire into Garm’s suit of armour. Angel figured that Garm would have Warded it to be resistant to physical damage, not physical conditions. He was right. Garm screamed as he was baked from inside out. The heat also scorched Angel, but he wore only a cloak, with his Wards on his body, so he was less affected.

Garm let out a final scream as his body exploded into flames. Angel staggered away, suffering numerous 2nd-degree burns and still bleeding profusely from his side. The leaders immediately rushed to his aid, bringing him back to the palace. The Da’in was won.


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