The Experience of A Lifetime

Experience of a lifetime Part 3

Thomas looked as the Rhapsodia passed through forests with weird trees, some purple with ivory-like structures sticking out of their branches. Others have fruits that look like bananas shaped like a tea cup. As curious as Thomas was about those trees, the unique species passed his line of vision so fast that it completely disappeared from his view when he looked back. The rhapsodia galloped its way through the thick forests until it reached what appeared to be a rock wall.

The guard quickly dismounted. Taking a brown horn strapped to the side of the Rhapsodia, he brew into it. All of a sudden, the rock wall split into two and a beautiful city appeared in sight.

“Welcome to the city of Akaroi, the royal city” Thomasia said.

Thomas nodded his head gratefully as the rhapsodia entered the city. A group of Akarian guards, seeing the appearance of Thomasia the crown princess, bowed their heads in respect.

The rhapsodia continued through the city until it stopped outside a magnificent palace, its exterior golden and filled with exotic crystals. The windows made of a bluish material that refracted light. The balcony perched above had two 5-cubit tall columns. The palace looked enormous, probably bigger than Versailles.

An Akarian guard came out to greet Thomasia and led them inside the palace.

The palace interior looked more majestic. Rooms abound and chandeliers hang on the walls. Akarian guards stand outside every room, maids and waitresses dressed in complex royal dresses await the decision to serve their royal patrons. The palace looked like one in a fairy tale, except this time it was real in Akaria.

Thomasia told Thomas to wait as she got dressed in a room with a green flower pasted on the door. Thomas was escorted to a massive room which presumably was the waiting room of the palace. A waitress served him a plate of weird looking tidbits. Thomas ate some of them. They tasted like strawberry cake. Just as he finished eating the tidbits, Thomasia came out wearing a Victorian-like royal dress with a sash and a royal tiara.

Thomasia and Thomas were escorted to the Supreme Emperor’s chamber. The chamber looked enormous, consisting of a throne for the Supreme Emperor and Empress, Thomasia’s father and mother. Thomas looked at the Supreme Emperor and Empress. They looked surprisingly young in their royal robes.

“Order the guards to close the door!” The Supreme Emperor commanded and the guards obeyed.

“Now who do we have here Thomasia? Who is this boy?” The Supreme Emperor asked.


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