Kruger: Prelude


It is the year 2100. Malthus was proven to be right. In 2050, the human population spiked to 10 billion. Fields became barren due to the massive strain put upon them. Animals were killed faster than they could reproduce, and conventional cattle like chickens and cows became extinct. Without sufficient food to sustain so many people, the population began its freefall. By 2060, in spite of advanced agriculture and chemically created foods, the population fell to 6 billion. In 2100, only 2 billion humans remain, struggling to obtain enough food for survival. That is where the wars started.

Advancements in force field technology have made bombs and nuclear weapons obsolete; combat has to be done hand-to-hand. Genetic modification technology allowed anyone with sufficient cash and resources to change their genetic coding. Previously used for frivolous means such as attractiveness and beauty, now it is used by the military to develop supersoldiers. These supersoldiers have lightning fast reflexes, require minimal rest, food and water and are capable of actions that are impossible for an average human. However, the high costs result in only about a hundred of them being created in each armed force.

Trump’s administration has made a significant mark on the United States political dynamics, and the Americans have a military alliance with them, calling themselves ART(the America-Russia Team). Recently, the addition of China to the team due to a dispute with other Asian nations resulted in the renaming of ART into ARC.  They are the largest armed force in the world and are well-armed. Hence, they have gained strength and threaten to conquer the whole world, reshaping it in their image.

The Middle East nations have banded together to form the Arab Coalition. They are the smallest armed forces in the world but possess an incredible amount of funds. They do not have a standing army. Instead, they hire mercenary supersoldiers from all around the world. Numerous attacks by ARC had been repelled by superior mercenary companies employed by the Coalition.

Asian countries, fearing for their safety, have banded together to form the Asian Powers. A dispute over trade routes forced China to leave the Powers. With the technology prowess of Japan, Korea and Singapore working together, they have the best modifications for their super soldiers. However, their army is small, depleted after numerous engagements with ARC forces and their equipment are bad, damaged by repeated confrontations.

The European nations naturally formed a coalition named the League of Nations. With economic powerhouses like Germany and Britain, the League of Nations has formed a large, well-equipped and united military. However, the European nations were slow to pick up genetic modification due to the fear of technology and so, their supersoldiers are only slighty better than those of The Plebs. Geographically and politically close to ARC, they are untouched by ARC’s sweep of power. But they wonder, are they next?

Finally, the poorest nations in the World located in Africa and South America have banded together for safety. They label themselves The Plebs, a symbol of their weakness. Technologically backward, they barely have any super soldiers in their midst. Even their ordinary soldiers have inferior equipment. The only advantage they have is numbers, which rival that of ARC. ARC has already taken control of the Pleb completely, and the soldiers remaining are all either forced to work long hours in the hot sun, growing crops, or are in hiding, planning a resistance against their masters. However, the opposition is dying off as more and more The Plebs soldiers are killed.

This story is about Kruger, a lone wolf in the tropical Indonesian forests, and how he changed the face of the world forever.

For rankings of the different factions in terms of wealth, army size, equipment quality and modification quality, take a look at the document below.



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