Kruger: Chapter 2

General Winatro stood stoic behind a window, his golden armour shining in the fluorescent light. It was the day of the test. The soldier gripped his sword tightly, his muscles tensed. The class of 5, who had already completed the test, stood to watch expectantly behind a window.

“Simulation start,” the PA system announced, and a machine gun turret materialised in front of the soldier. His knuckles turned white as he continued to grip the sword. The bullet came, flying out of the barrel of the machine gun with blinding speed. The soldier leant on his training, slicing his sword with lightning speed and pinpoint precision as he deflected the bullets. As more and more machine guns materialised, the soldier had trouble deflecting the bullets. Eventually, he bowed out at 3 machine guns, the speed of the bullets too fast for him.

General Winatro sighed as the soldier exited the simulation chamber.

“None of you passed. The minimum standard is 7, and the best you all can come up with is 5. Disappointing!” General Winatro roared, scaring the soldiers.

He continued, “Do you think just because you all are genetically modified that you can beat anyone? Do you think you being the best of the best of the Indonesian Army means anything? People in ARC, they are genetically modified too! And they are 2 to 3 times stronger than us! Don’t let your past achievements go to your head!”

“The next mission is against bandits. How strong can they be? ARC is still far away, we have time to train for that!” one of the soldiers piped up, frustrated by General Winatro’s scolding.

General Winatro gave him a stare that could kill. Finally, he said, “Come, you fight me now. Grab your sword.”

General Winatro exited his golden armour and stood in front of the class in his vest and slacks. The soldier went up gingerly, gripping his blade. He was the first to strike, swinging his blade with blinding speed. General Winatro matched his pace, steel scraping on steel.

“Mistake here, here and here.” General Winatro demonstrated, swinging his blade in 3 unexpected directions at the soldier. He jumped in fright, dropping his sword. “And you are dead in seconds.” General Winatro stated with a sigh.

He then gestured to his face, which bore a long, red scar. “This was caused by Kruger, one of the most powerful bandits in this area. I fought him, steel against steel, and he roundly beat me. What does this tell you? Do not underestimate the bandits. They have lived in the forests for so long. They have learnt from numerous engagements with enemies in the woodsdownload (2)download (2) while you were still in Jakarta, looking at your handphones. Dismissed.” General Winatro concluded, wearing his armour and leaving the class to reflect on his lesson.


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