Experience of a lifetime Part 3

Thomas looked as the Rhapsodia passed through forests with weird trees, some purple with ivory-like structures sticking out of their branches. Others have fruits that look like bananas shaped like a tea cup. As curious as Thomas was about those trees, the unique species passed his line of vision so fast that it completely disappeared from his view when he looked back. The rhapsodia galloped its way through the thick forests until it reached what appeared to be a rock wall.

The guard quickly dismounted. Taking a brown horn strapped to the side of the Rhapsodia, he brew into it. All of a sudden, the rock wall split into two and a beautiful city appeared in sight.

“Welcome to the city of Akaroi, the royal city” Thomasia said.

Thomas nodded his head gratefully as the rhapsodia entered the city. A group of Akarian guards, seeing the appearance of Thomasia the crown princess, bowed their heads in respect.

The rhapsodia continued through the city until it stopped outside a magnificent palace, its exterior golden and filled with exotic crystals. The windows made of a bluish material that refracted light. The balcony perched above had two 5-cubit tall columns. The palace looked enormous, probably bigger than Versailles.

An Akarian guard came out to greet Thomasia and led them inside the palace.

The palace interior looked more majestic. Rooms abound and chandeliers hang on the walls. Akarian guards stand outside every room, maids and waitresses dressed in complex royal dresses await the decision to serve their royal patrons. The palace looked like one in a fairy tale, except this time it was real in Akaria.

Thomasia told Thomas to wait as she got dressed in a room with a green flower pasted on the door. Thomas was escorted to a massive room which presumably was the waiting room of the palace. A waitress served him a plate of weird looking tidbits. Thomas ate some of them. They tasted like strawberry cake. Just as he finished eating the tidbits, Thomasia came out wearing a Victorian-like royal dress with a sash and a royal tiara.

Thomasia and Thomas were escorted to the Supreme Emperor’s chamber. The chamber looked enormous, consisting of a throne for the Supreme Emperor and Empress, Thomasia’s father and mother. Thomas looked at the Supreme Emperor and Empress. They looked surprisingly young in their royal robes.

“Order the guards to close the door!” The Supreme Emperor commanded and the guards obeyed.

“Now who do we have here Thomasia? Who is this boy?” The Supreme Emperor asked.


Experience of a lifetime PART 2

Thomas now stared at the picture.

What was this? Could it be? No way!

But indeed it was a picture of him with Thomasia. It was a coloured photo. It looked too real to not be true.

Thomas just could not understand what was going on. He just kept staring and staring.

All of a sudden, a sound appeared from nowhere.


Thomas was stunned. He quickly looked around, trying to find where the sound came from. It was then that he saw the mouth of Thomasia moving.

Thomas was terrified. He dropped the picture onto the floor.

Then something weird happened. A whirling vortex surrounded him. His surroundings became pitch dark. Then, all of a sudden, he saw that the room had changed. The room now looked like Thomasia’s room.

“Thomasia? Where are you?” He screamed, now utterly confused by what had just happened.

A hand touched his back. He looked and saw Thomasia standing behind him. She was in a different dress than he previously remembered. The diamond ring he wore on his hand is now on her hand.

“Thomas, is that you?” She asked.

“Yes, it is me. How did I get here and why am I here?” Thomas replied.

“I don’t know. I was wondering so myself. ”

Thomas now questioned her appearance, including her tiara and her royal heritage. Thomasia replied that she was a crown princess of a huge empire in her world, Akaria. Her father, the supreme Emperor, sent her to this cottage, which was actually owned by the royal family, to study how to live like his subjects. Thomasia said that she used to be “a spoilt brat” and regretted her actions in the royal court.

“The empire of Akaria is a great empire. My ancestors founded it and brought it up. ” Thomasia said. Thomasia then showed Thomas the map of Akaria. It turns out that the empire was more like an imperial federation, with dukes and duchesses, kings and queens, emperors and empresses, all holding different territory and different lands. The cottage was located in the western portion of a kingdom called Syrene.

Thomas now introduced himself. He told her that he came from another world, our world, except in another timeline. One where the British Empire never collapsed. One where the Americans and British were locked in a constant cold war. A world where a town called Carbin was founded in the state of Elysinum in what we call northern Scotland.

Thomas now asked Thomasia what she was planning to do. Thomasia said that she had to return to her father’s palace in a few days.

“Wait, isn’t the palace supposed to be a castle?” Thomas asked. Thomasia said that the castle had been destroyed a few months back and now replaced by a palace. She told him that it was six months ago in their time that she met him. Thomas replied that he had only been gone for a few hours from his world.

The rhapsodia Thomas previously remembered riding was no more. It was killed in a war against Akaria’s enemies, the kingdoms of Cheko and Nema. Since then the two kingdoms have been annexed into the Empire.

Another rhapsodia appeared outside the cottage, this time ridden by what Thomas perceived to be an Akarian guard. The guard dismounted and greeted Thomasia.

“Your imperial highness. His supreme imperial majesty has asked you to return to the palace. He has something important to tell you.”

“Next time, call him informally as father.” Thomasia replied.  “Can I bring along my friend Thomas like last time?”

“Sure, your imperial highness. ” The guard replied. Thomas and Thomasia boarded the rhapsodia.

“Off we go!” The guard hollered. With the tug of a whip the rhapsodia began on its journey to the palace.

The experience of a lifetime

This story was originally published on: Kenneth blogs connection blog

Thomas, a 13-year-old boy with a amuno t-shirt and baggy short pants emblazoning his favorite football team Carbin United,  looked out at the windows. Again and again, he saw the lush greenery outside his home. He stayed in his seat, looking rather bored and frustrated. Why does he have to be staying at home once again?

His parents were on holiday in some faraway country, they have told him to take care of their home while they were away. Hence, Thomas bore the heavy responsibility of taking care of the house. On this day, however, a strange feeling overwhelmed him. He craved for exhilaration. The blood pumped in his veins as he fidgeted in his seat. Then, he leaped forward and searched outside the four corners of his house for something he could play with. Perhaps there was a twig or two in his barnyard where he could practice throwing? Or maybe he could find a flower or two where he could play with? He decided to step outside his cozy home to find something better to do. Still, he did not dare to wander outside the actual boundaries of his home. His parents could come back anytime and see him neglecting his duties.

And that is when something extraordinary happened.

In the corner of the barnyard where he least expected it to appear, a diamond ring sparkled in front of his eyes. It had an exquisite, even unearthly, shine to it. Infatuated by the glint of the diamond, Thomas went forward to inspect at the diamond ring. The diamond suddenly emitted a bright light that overwhelmed Thomas.

The next thing Thomas could see his surroundings, he found that he was standing in a barnyard similar to his, but quite different. The grass was filled with weird sounds and smells, lollipops seem to be dancing in the distance with the wind. That seemed so weird. Behind him, a sharp loud noise startled him. A creature the size of a bear, that looked like an eagle with no wings and having the tail of a monkey approached him. Thomas came forward to meet this creature, but it started to emit flames from his mouth, which definitely scared Thomas.

What was this creature? Where was he?

To make things even more confusing, the house he stood next to seemed the exact same house he lived all his life. Had his house been teleported with him?

Shaking with fear, Thomas instinctively opened the door of the house, which seemed relatively easy, and saw a girl standing in front of the kitchen where he had always cooked lunch and dinner for himself. The girl seemed to have noticed him and spoke a uninterpretable language that Thomas himself could not understand. Thomas tried to communicate with her with sign language and this time it seemed to work, but not quite well.

His pocket suddenly started flashing, and he saw that inside his pocket was the diamond ring. Hesitating, he gingerly put on the diamond ring. It began to glow and the girl’s voice was suddenly transformed from gibberish to English. So it seems that the ring has the power to translate the girl’s foreign language.

“My name is Thomasia”. The girl said after being translated. The girl seemed very different from Thomas. Her hair was seemingly special, blazing red in color and reaching to the thigh of her legs. Why does she have a tiara on her head, and wearing a dress that Thomas often saw in fairytale princess children’s books? Was she a princess too? Thomas could not help but wonder. The girl was also curious about Thomas. She asked why he appeared in front of her house. Thomas narrated to her the events of the day and it did not seem to make sense to her. But, Thomasia wanted to help Thomas get back to his home. She told Thomasia to get on the strange looking creature at the barnyard, which she calls a “Rhapsodia” and told the rhapsodia to bring them to her father’s “Castle”.

At this very strange moment, the diamond emitted a blinding light, and Thomas saw flashes of his world and Thomasia’s world. Thomasia seems to have seen this too and looked highly confused. Soon, Thomas blacked out. Waking up, he found himself back in his world, on his bed. Was this just a dream? But the portrait next to his bed, which was never there before, showed Thomas and Thomasia together in a beautiful castle,  both sitting beside a man with a golden crown and a diamond ring on his hand. Below the picture embedded the words “The experience of a lifetime”.

By: Kenneth Blogs Connection Blog

Edited by: Brandon